URL Encode

What is URL Encode?


URL encoding is a technique utilized to transform characters that are either not approved or bear special significance in a URL into a digestible structure that can be communicated via the internet. In a URL, certain characters like spaces or unique symbols could cause complications if used without alterations. To solve this, URL encoding substitutes these trouble-causing characters with a "%" accompanied by their hexadecimal equivalent.

For example:

  • Space is encoded as %20.
  • Ampersand (&) is encoded as %26.
  • Question mark (?) is encoded as %3F.

This encoding ensures that the URL remains valid and that the information it carries can be safely transmitted between a client and a server. Web browsers automatically perform URL encoding when you enter a URL or submit a form, and programming languages often provide functions or methods to perform URL encoding when constructing URLs dynamically in code.


URL Encode



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